A Cleveland Clinic doctor is an IBM Watson ad about healthcare applications

Dr Sikon highlights how Watson can help Cleveland Clinic doctors manage data overload, giving them more time to plan the best treatments for patients. "IBM Watson helps hospitals outthink data overload."

Here’s the ad featuring Dr Sikon:

More videos here:

IBM Cognitive Era - YouTube http://buff.ly/288DSqd

How It Works: IBM Watson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtdJ1DGJjXA

Disclaimer: I am an allergist/immunologist at Cleveland Clinic Florida.

App allows anybody to snap a photo of a passerby and discover their real name — with 70% reliability

From MarketWatch:

250 million video surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the world, and chances are you’ve been seen by several of them today. We leave our “faceprints” everywhere we go.

FindFace app allows anybody to snap a photo of a passerby and discover their real name — with 70% reliability. What’s particularly unsettling are the use cases the app creators advocate: identifying strangers to send them dating requests, helping government security agencies to determine the identities of dissenters, and allowing retailers to bombard you with advertisements based on what you look at in stores.


Facial recognition will soon end your anonymity http://buff.ly/1TNdLLQ

FDA warns that fluoroquinolone antibiotics can cause damage to muscles and nerves

The FDA updated boxed warning will inform patients that the serious side effects of the drugs generally outweigh the benefits for patients with sinusitis, bronchitis and uncomplicated urinary tract infections - if patients have other treatment options. However, why would you prescribe these antibiotics if there are other treatment options? The practical implication of this recommendation is somewhat unclear.

The side effects can involve damage to tendons, muscles, joints, nerves and the central nervous system (CNS). There was an association between fluoroquinolone antibiotic use and disabling peripheral neuropathy in a 2013 study.

Symptoms reported by patients included weakness, numbness, pain, discomfort, burning and tingling. There is also reported risk of cardiovascular disease and tendon rupture.


FDA Requires Stronger Warnings for Antibiotics’ Side Effects - WSJ http://buff.ly/1qi7xv4

Image source: Wikipedia, GNU Free Documentation License.

Communication, The Cleveland Clinic Way

Clinicians and patient experience experts at Cleveland Clinic have developed a communication program that could help optimize relationships, engage clinicians, decrease burnout, and boost increase satisfaction. To learn more visit: clevelandclinic.org/clevelandclinicway

The video by one of the experts is below:

CCF Physician Communication YouTube playlist is below:


Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA, Presents Physician Communication http://buff.ly/27jpNpr
Physician Communication: Model of Communication in Healthcare http://buff.ly/27jpQ4z
Physician Communication Testimonials: Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA http://buff.ly/1TBZMb0

Disclaimer: I am an allergist/immunologist at Cleveland Clinic Florida, and first started working at Cleveland Clinic Ohio in 2005.

How to Reduce Stress and Create a Work-Life Balanced Lifestyle - Cleveland Clinic video

"Along with providing a source of income, careers help us fulfill our personal goals, build our networks and serve our communitites. However, jobs can also be a major source of emotional stress. Cleveland Clinic psychologist, Dr. Joe Rock, says our bodies create stress and anxiety when we start to worry too much about what might happen, before it does."

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